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Well Cleaning and Locating

Regular well cleaning assists in preventing damage to the well screen, water pump and plumbing. We clean your well of bacterial growth, mineral fouling, silt and sand to improve water flow, remove any iron or bacterial build up.

Here are some common questions about well cleaning:

How do you know if a well needs cleaning?

  • The well water is turbid, which means it is cloudy or has suspended matter in it.
  • There has been a decrease in the well’s capacity—that is, the gallons of water per minute that the pump can supply to the system.
  • The water has developed an odor or taste problem.
  • The water tests positive for total coliform and/or overall biological activity.

How are well systems cleaned?

There are two basic approaches to well cleaning—mechanical and chemical, with the most effective strategy often being a combination of the two. Within both the chemical and mechanical methods is an array of options. Our contractors can decide which methods to use, depending on the condition of the well using pressurized air or water, wire brushes or scrapers or agitation of water in the well.

Before proceeding, one of our experienced contractors will collect information and perform an inspection:

  • Review of the well log or well record to determine depth and construction, perform a site review (access, etc.): Is it safe or effective to clean it
  • Pumping test and pump function test (the well problem may be the pump, not the well) evaluating performance
  • Conduct a downhole video inspection to confirm well dimensions, look for obstructions, holes or other unrepairable damage, and try to confirm and pinpoint the location of the well clogging.

Wells need to be cleaned because over time, wells pumping from sand-containing aquifers may accumulate sediment in the bottom, closing off parts of a well screen or open borehole.

Proper well maintenance offers a positive payoff in extended pump and water treatment system life, and reduced impacts on plumbing fixtures and appliances. Contact us today to speak with one of our qualified water well system contractors to determine whether your well needs cleaning.