Kornum Well Drilling

Indian Head, Saskatchewan
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E-Logging is a measurement of the resistivity, spontaneous potential, and gamma count of formations in a test well or well borehole. This information is valuable in determining thickness and locations of sand and clay of the formation.

In most cases, e-logging is represented by a graph and corresponding notes. Logging tools are inserted into the well to measure subsurface formations. Sometimes the logging tools are incorporated into the drilling tool, and sometimes the drilling tools are lowered into the well at regular intervals to collect data.

Drillers use well logs to measure depths, thickness, porosity, water saturation, temperature, types of formations encountered, presence of oil and/or gas, reservoir pressures — ultimately determining whether a well is commercially viable or not and whether casing, cementing and completion should be run on a well. It’s not only a journal of what is perforated below the surface, but also a predictor of success.

Kornum Well Drilling is capable of e-logging to certain depths in order to determine an accurate placement of an efficient well.